April 23, 2008

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Been a little while since the last post....can't say too much has happened. I guess mostly we've been working on the house -- new hardwood floors in the office, painted a few rooms, and and set up a garden in the back. But more on that later, I've promised pictures of the new members of the orphanage. I apologize in advance for the cutesiness:

Queenie enjoys socks.

Alli (rear) hates Queenie and has activated laz0rz. Little does she know Queenie is ready.

One of the only shots of Susie with her not digging a hole in my backyard.

Susie doing her best anime face.

Lacey is pretty sure you are being rude and not sharing whatever food you have hidden in your pockets.

So what does Oscar think about all of this?