May 30, 2008

For all those UAB alums out there....

A few weeks ago, I was walking from my office to my parking lot (approximately 0.7 miles for those keeping track) and noticed something that had seemed to have sprung up seemingly overnight in front of the basketball arena.

What the hell? So I got closer.

The next day was the big reveal. It truly is something for everyone in the local community to be proud of.

A completely awesome, not stupid looking or cartoonish, rubbery dragon! That apparently shoots smoke from its mouth! Yay!


May 21, 2008

Quick Scene From My Tiny Closet of an Office

Coworker 1 (middle-aged Chinese woman): Here, try this candy from China.
Coworker 2 (20-something Ohioan grad student): No thanks.
1: No, try, it's good.
2: Ok, just put it on my desk, I'll try it later. I have chemicals on my hands.
1: No, it's good. Try. I'll put it in your mouth. (does so)
2: (making a face) It tastes like fish and beef.