May 21, 2008

Quick Scene From My Tiny Closet of an Office

Coworker 1 (middle-aged Chinese woman): Here, try this candy from China.
Coworker 2 (20-something Ohioan grad student): No thanks.
1: No, try, it's good.
2: Ok, just put it on my desk, I'll try it later. I have chemicals on my hands.
1: No, it's good. Try. I'll put it in your mouth. (does so)
2: (making a face) It tastes like fish and beef.


Jerry Hinnen said...

Being at the office on Memorial Day is teh suxx0rz, so I'm rebelling by reading and commenting on your blog.

I'm glad I did, because this post was funny as hell.

Hope and Prey said...

I would like candy that tastes like beef.