February 19, 2008

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Our new pets (again, 2 dogs and 1 cat) have basically lived in captivity for most of their lives. Well, ok, maybe just slightly more than any other dog or cat. The cat, Queenie, was an office cat, so she was basically in a pen for half the day when no one was working in the vet clinic. So now, in our house she wanders free the entire day, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what to do with herself for most of the time. It's like Brooks in Shawshank Redemption -- he finally gets out of jail and is miserable working at the grocery store. She has also taken to scratching on our sofa. Probably something like "Queenie was here" in LOLCAT. I hope we don't come home one day to find her hanging from the rafters. But hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

The dogs seem to be doing fine so far, but they've been busy digging a hole next to the foundation of the house. No poster or anything on top of it, but I tried to fill it in this morning and there was hardly any dirt around. They're probably taking it to other parts of the yard in their pockets.

On an unrelated note, when I was driving into work today I noticed a guy shaving in his car. That wouldn't have been too odd, but it was 1) with a dry disposable razor; 2) while smoking; 3) using his car rearview mirror (NOTE: He had pulled it off the windshield glass). Just be 5 minutes later to work, please. Thanks.


Valerie said...

We need to take pictures of all the new pets for you to post. Also, you forgot to mention the total kitty turfwar we're living through.

Sparky said...

We closed on the house and our cats aren't sure what to do with the space, but perhaps the best thing is watching them try to run on something other than the cheap carpet that covered every apartment we've lived in since getting the cats. Have you seen "Over the Hedge"? First, you should. It's funny. Second, I keep telling my cat "less claw, more pad" as he skids past me and slams into the wall despite his scrabbling efforts to stop the forward momentum. God love 'em.